23andme pitch studies

Client: 23andMe | Creative Director: Guy Featherstone, 72andSunny

This is a compendium of different design approaches I developed with my team (CD: Guy Featherstone, Designers: Ryan Hoelting, Tanner Stevenett, and Motion Designer: Marco Rosella) for a rebrand of 23andMe. The project was a combination of developing more engaging inforgraphics and developing ideas for consumers to wear their identity.

Original assets and palette:

New Infographics

Studies on different ways to break down ethnicity 
These were based on the results of the account manager, Mallory.

The following four designs were made with the intention of morphing and animating the data to present to users.

Chromosomal map with circle sizes correlating to allele lengths


Abstracted map studies using the modular allele shapes

Timelines of migration across generations


A lot of my colleagues were HYPEBEAST fans and eager to explore possibilities of customizeable products from popular brands to appeal to younger audiences. I thought about the Nike’s ID sneaker customization tool. Guy encouraged me to explore archives of Nike x ____ collaborations for inspiration on what a 23andMe shoe could look like.


I honestly can’t remember the initial purpose of these patterns. Some of the early tests were attempts at profile picture filters and testing out more humanistic touches to the pill shapes.

Pattern studies that I can’t remember the purpose of but enjoyed making

Genetic Conditions

23andMe gives users the option to learn if they’re carriers of hereditary diseases. These were studies on abstracting these conditions into images.
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