Museum of the Future

Adobe Creative Residency Fund

I was chosen as an Adobe Creative Residency Fund grant recipient to test out the beta version of Illustrator for the iPad. My piece is a look to museums of the future. As a museum worker, it was heartbreaking to see many of my colleagues and vulnerable staff members lose their jobs to the pandemic. I wanted to make a piece that celebrates museums, which I will be turning into a riso print with George Wietor of Issue Press. All the proceeds will go towards the Museum Workers Relief Fund organized by Paula Santos, which provides funds to museum workers facing hardships.

Big thanks to Adobe for giving me a platform to inspire change and help colleagues in need!

︎︎︎Museum Workers Relief Fund
︎︎︎Issue Press

November 2020
Riso print of the final piece

Digital output

Initial idea: a triptych featuring a fine art museum, natural history museum, and children’s museum for each Instagram image

Revised idea of a panorama of a fine art museum of the future. As an art history nerd, I loved throwing in references to artists like Louise Bourgeois, Henri Matisse, and Nam June Paik. Ultimately, it was a sketch that works better for Photoshop, which I learned the hard way.

Rough sketch of a more geometric and whimsical museum that played more with scale and impossible objects.

Early color studies from when I was planning on using teal and fluorescent orange instead of blue and fluorange.

Tighter sketch with quick value check comparing the floor and ceiling

Quick studies playing with iPad for the Illustrator’s shape and gradient tools

Final piece in Illustrator before editing in Photoshop

Finishing touches
© Molly Magnell, 2020