WIP: Orchid Health

Client: Orchid Health

Orchid offers consumers the opportunity to screen embryos for a myriad of medical conditions to choose the “healthiest” egg for conception. Their proprietary testing model looks at 99% of an egg’s DNA in comparison to competitors’ >1% sequence scans. Investors include the CEOs of 23andme, Oscar, 

I have been overhauling the previous website to a clean, elevated site that’s responsive and consistent across all platforms and social media. I’ve also solidified the company’s branding through printed collateral, trade show presence, and an organized asset library.


The website needed a facelift to balance the human-centered family service while cementing Orchid as a clinically tested and safe company. These are a series of studies I made for various pages.
I made many experiments incorporating more family imagery in the homepage header.


Although it was cut, I did storyboard and art direct an animator to outline the embryo selection process. I provided direction and translated technical animation processes and science terminology between Orchid staff and the animator. 

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