The Found City of Atlantis

Client: Whalebone Magazine/ Adjective & Co. | Art Director: Taylor Harkey

The Sea Creature Issue | Vol. 7, Issue 3

How could I turn down a project pitched as “A Westworld or Jurassic World but the city version, and underwater. Mixing modern technology, transportation, relics from past. Sea creatures into transportation and attractions. A relic-turned city restored and modernized to create the worlds biggest city tourism attraction.  As if it had been found back in the 80s by Saudis while doing deep offshore drilling, and they sold the coordinates to a trillionaire oil mogul who has been spending 4 decades and billions to secure Atlantis as the top global tourism destination, and officially named the 8th great Wonder of the world.”

In a week-long sprint, The Adjective & Co. team and I developed our New York-inspired version of Atlantis filled with puns, easter eggs, and Whalebone’s signature cheeky touch.

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