The Nature of Color

Environmental Graphics, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Research
Client: American Museum of Natural History

I worked with my team to develop the graphic style of the 2020 temporary show at the American Museum of Natural History. I helped a lot with the typography and imagery style, including introducing vintage ink illustrations alongside photographs. I did the designs for the White Room, the Science of Color, and the Red Room, Color and Culture.

White Room

The color pathway, designed by Michael Prisco, leads visitors into the White Room, which branches into the other sections.

White Room color mixing interactives

Label decks explaining the additive color mixing and the refraction of different colors.

Red Room

The Red Room features a couture gown designed by Brandon Maxwell, which debuted as the finale dress in his NYFW show hosted in the Hall of North American Mammals.
Corner display with a sample of red ochre, used in the oldest cave paintings.

Label decks that delve into Maxwell’s work and explain the power of red surround the dress pedestal.

Red used as an auspicious color in weddings around the world

The history of pink and its role in gender perception
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